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Why pay for cable, when you can enjoy Free To Air television broadcasting for FREE?

FTA Key and FTA support; exclusive access to all receiver makes and models at the simple click of a button. Free To Air broadcasting allows your family to view hundreds to thousands of Free to Air channels all for FREE. There are no set up or connection fees, no monthly fees, just FREE TV.

Tired of overpaying for cable each month while your family complains that there is nothing to watch?

In less than 5 minutes you can program your FTA receiver to receive hundreds of FREE channels from the comfort of your own home. Simply follow the easy to use Internet to program your FTA receiver with FTA Key to receive hundreds of channels for FREE. You and your family will have a variety of programs to choose from, all while you save money. Why pay for cable when you can have Free To Air?

Credit Card Security.

We know customers are concerned about credit card security. We use one of the worlds largest funds transfer agencies – PayPal.

If you choose to use a PayPal account, your personal credit card information will not be given to Fta Satellite. Fta Satellite is committed to making your online purchase as safe and secure as possible.

When you make an online purchase at Fta Satellite, you are protected by the latest technology and security safeguards available on the Internet, our web site utilizes the latest security technology to protect you.

All purchase information is encrypted (changed into meaningless data that cannot be read by anyone without the encryption key) before it is transferred to Secure Server. As well as being encrypted, your details are also protected by other safeguards on the Secure Server that prevent unauthorized access, and constantly monitor attempts to gain access.

When paying via credit card online, your transaction will re-directed to our merchant service provider. All merchant service providers use secure processing servers, so your credit card information will never be seen by anyone but YOU and YOUR BANK. We do not keep any record of your credit card information, as this information is not processed by Fta Satellite. we’ve hired the most secure merchant service providers to take care of that.

You will notice a small padlock or key displayed in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, when you are transferred to the secure server. This is to indicate that you are connected to a Secure Server. You can view details by double clicking on the padlock or key, or by right clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting properties.